Special Event
Indigo Dye Day

Want to try indigo dyeing? Here's your chance to try one of the oldest and most loved textile dyes! You'll experience the magic of watching your fabric turn from green to blue as it comes out of the indigo vat and see first-hand the complexity of blues produced by this ancient and incomparable dye. We'll dye as much as we can over the course of the afternoon! Stay for the duration and watch how the blue changes, lightening as the vat wears.

Bring a favorite t-shirt, new cloth for your next sewing adventure, an unsuccessful weaving or dyeing project, a skein of yarn, shibori-stitched fabric, or ...

Just a few, simple rules:

  1. no towels or sheets since they soak up too much water;
  2. your fabric should be clean and dry. If it is new, wash it before you come; and
  3. bring a plastic bag to transport your wet fabric home (we’ll give you the instructions on how to handle it once you get home).

Lynn Pollard began dipping paper into indigo vats a number of years ago after taking a Japanese papermaking workshop at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking. She is also a weaver who learned to weave through the guild system and then earned a Bachelors of Textile Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Lynn has taught at Georgia State University, the John C Campbell Folk School, the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, local craft centers, and her guild. She also exhibits nationally and internationally, and her work is included in various public and private collections.xx

Questions? Email info@fiberartsalliance.org or call 678-235-4328.

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